Going Home

It’s gone quickly but here we are at 18 months into SURFACE and my outgoing phase is drawing to a close. It’s been full to the brim with amazing experiences, great people, useful new skills, Australian archaeology and geomorphology, and of course plenty of time on airplanes getting between them all. The time has come, however, to go home and share what I’ve learnt with those who unfortunately don’t live on the shores of the loveliest harbour in the world, and whose trees are not populated by flocks of rainbow-coloured, delightfully noisy birds.

Wally’s Walk, Macquarie University campus, in all its winter glory. Photo: R. Inglis.

My time at Macquarie’s Department of Environmental Sciences has been wonderful – Trish Fanning has taken shown me how to tackle landscapes in both Saudi Arabia and Australia, Michael Chang has introduced me to the many uses of GIS and remote sensing for my work, and the whole department welcomed an archaeologist into their midst. Thankyou! I’m proud to retain an MQ affiliation, and our collaboration will most definitely continue as we work on publishing the Dabsa work, as well as building the foundations for future projects in Saudi and beyond.

Wednesday morning will see me back at work in York’s Department of Archaeology, starting to prep my formal report to the European Commission on my activities on SURFACE so far. It’ll be lovely to be home, see familiar faces, and meet those who’ve arrived since I’ve been away, but I’ll definitely miss my Aussie coffee under those Sydney skies…

The rainbow and scaly-breasted lorikeet flocks squawking from the lemon-scented gums in the centre of campus. Photo: R. Inglis.

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