Results from the SURFACE project – journal articles, reports, newspaper articles – will be listed here as they are published.

Talks and Seminars

R.H. Inglis (2016) Was Middle Stone Age Life a Beach? Challenges in the search for coastal activity in the Eastern Red Sea. Flinders University, Australia. 11th August 2016.

R. H. Inglis, A. Sinclair, A.Shuttleworth, F. Foulds, G. Bailey & A. Alsharekh (2016) Lower Paleolithic Technology and Activity in South West Saudi Arabia: Investigations of the DISPERSE Project in Jizan and Asir Provinces. Lower Palaeolithic in Arabia Workshop, University of Tubingen, Germany. 24-26th July 2016.

R. H. Inglis (2016) Developing Geoarchaeological Approaches to the Palaeolithic Surface Record of Saudi Arabia. Centre for Archaeological Sciences Seminar Series, University of Wollongong, Australia. 9th July 2016.

R. H. Inglis (2016) Geomorphology, Artefact Distributions, and Landscape Use in Palaeolithic Arabia. Department of Environmental Science Seminar Series, Macquarie University, Australia. 1st March 2016.

R. H. Inglis, G. Bailey, N. Rasul & W. Bosworth (2016) Investigating the Coastal Archaeology and Raised Coral Terraces of the Southern Red Sea. Red Sea Workshop, Saudi Geological Survey, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 16th February 2016.